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I think the of ship home planet event map could be more exiting then just Naboo I've got some ideas for some new maps

Because there will be more RP experience with Rebels, Wookies, and some others.










You don't have to use all of them i understand because it could make the server crash, lag and some people might 

not play on the server.


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Adding more maps
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We already use Rp_Tatooine_Dunesea occasionally for some off-ship events.

The others, would probably be a good addition apart from having to make sure they can run on a server full of 120 people, PAC and laser bolts flying everywhere.

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1. We already use Dunesea.
2. Endor is VERY unstable map and crashes a lot. It has since its creation.
3. Seems a touch small to be honest, but it does seem interesting, it could be useful.
4.  Mos_Mesric is quite small, but I do believe we already have it on the server, but its tiny with 70-80 players, imagine 120+, it'd be like sardines.

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First and last already on the server. I actually looked at the Hoth one a while back when reviewing maps for the server and it is very small and wouldn’t suit the server population. The second map I believe has lag issues and doesn’t perform very well, correct if I am wrong though. Still really good maps though, good work!

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Hey there @Skears,

Thanks for the suggestion, we really apriciate it!  I am looking through the maps as we speak and will be handing them up the chain for testing and approval.  If you have any other good ideas, feel free to share them.

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