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Mars / Rivers Backstory


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Being a part of Royal Guard has limited my interactions with others around the ship in recent times and left me unable to express myself in-game as much as I could in other regiments. I thought I'd take a minute to explain my character and exactly how he operates.

Born into an Imperial based family Rivers was taught from an early age that loyalty and dedication to the Empire was the main purpose of life. Throughout his entire childhood he was harsh and unforgiving to children around his village who displayed any signs of disloyalty and would often report them to troopers stationed on the planet for even the most minor contradiction of Imperial beliefs. Ultimately this caused Rivers to become an outcast due to the anti-imperial sentiment that was attached to his home world leaving him with only the company of his parents. To compensate for this he began to look up to Imperial personnel as role models and would often try to befriend them through regular conversation.

Because of this, Rivers became a prime candidate for induction into the Imperial academy at the age of 13 where he trained until eligible to join the Stormtrooper Corps. Time after time his skills and loyalty to the Empire were tested under the stress of battle and his constant drive to improve lead him to become one of the better troopers within the regiment. Rivers felt no emotional attachment to any of his fellow troopers and had no issue sacrificing himself or anyone other trooper if it meant victory for the Galactic Empire. After surviving a planetary deployment with limited rations where the rest of his Platoon deserted, Rivers was highlighted by higher ranking officers as a potential Royal Guard for his undying loyalty in even the most troublesome of conditions.



This lead him to the harsh, desert planet of Yinchorr where he was admitted to the Imperial Royal Guard Academy. Each day consisted of strenuous and grueling sparring against other recruits where one failure in the eyes of an instructor meant death. For the first time in his life Rivers had felt a sense of acceptance due to being around the like-minded individuals who shared the same beliefs and loyalty that he had been scrutinized for in his childhood. During the yearlong training program he learned to rely on his fellow recruits to pass the toughest of obstacles and grew emotionally attached to the small group he had been with the entire time. Unfortunately this would not last however as their final test approached...



Each recruit was placed into pairs and brought before Emperor Palpatine himself where they were then forced to fight to the death. The emotional bond that Rivers had made with his other recruits made it difficult to even stomach having to kill one another but he had no other choice but to comply. He took his blade and defensively blocked each and every strike from his opponent knowing that this would be a battle of attrition. Eventually the unrelenting fury of his opponent was no more allowing Rivers to use his exhaustion to his advantage and swiftly impale him with the end of his pike. He bowed before his Emperor and took the "Oath of obedience" therefore making him an official member of the Imperial Royal Guard. Rivers was stripped of his identity and swore to become a servant of the Emperor for life therefore taking on the name "Mars".


In summary, my character is an empty shell of a human being who serves no other purpose but protecting his Emperor. If anyone even comes close to being a threat he will not hesitate to take action and dispose of them. He is beyond loyal to the Emperor and will stop at no costs to ensure his safety.


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