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Mark Wazowski Ban Appeal

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Steam Details

Steam Name: Mark Wazowski

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:154551561

Steam Profile link:https://steamcommunity.com/id/markcm02/

In Game Details

In Game Name: I didn't get to set one

In Game Rank: I didn't get one, I think recruit

In Game Regiment: Not assigned I guess 


Ban Details


How long was the ban for: Indefinite 

Which staff member banned you: Wolf

What date did the ban occur: 29/10/2018

What was the reason for the ban: banned due to being connected with exploits lagging server - Wolf

Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned:

I was honestly just trying to join the server to play with my friends. My computer isn't the best so each time I joined the server it would take a while and I thought nothing of it. When I would actually get into game after loading all the addons, gmod would crash telling me it had run out of memory. So I googled solutions and tried setting launch options and stuff, with each change trying to rejoin the server with no prevail. 

Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance:

I am sorry, I didn't know the effect I was having on the whole server until my friend (Matchbox) who I was in a discord call with the whole time told me that I was the one causing all the server lag. I don't know how I was possibly loading malicious exploits as I just installed a fresh copy of gmod and all the add-ons. My intents were never malicious and I didn't know the impact I was having and I am truly sorry. I am still unsure whether I will be unable to join the server again without my game crashing or causing disruption for the server community. Any help would truly be appreciated and I would be more than happy on creating a thread on this forum to get help with my issues. Once again I am sorry and I would have never joined the server if I knew the impact I was having. 


Sincerely, Mark 


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10 hours ago, MarkWazowski said:

gmod would crash telling me it had run out of memory

Turn your settings as far down as they will go.

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If your getting memory issues try joining a server with a non custom gamemode , then restart your game and try joining our server

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