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Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a Game Sponsor. What is that you ask? As you may have seen on my CS:GO Streams REXMAX is spotlighted in the bottom left hand corner of the screen as the Game Sponsor. As shown in the Image below:






So, how to do become a Game Sponsor? To become a Game Sponsor you approach me and basically you donate for me to get a specific game that I do not already have and thus become the Game Sponsor.

I am looking for a Rainbow 6 Siege Game Sponsor. I have had a tone of requests from people to play Rainbow 6 Siege. So, I am looking for someone to donate $26 AUD to become the Rainbow 6 Siege Game Sponsor. First in best dresses. Message me through the forums if you want to be the Game Sponsor. Only serious people please. Additionally, if there are any games that you think I do not have and you would like to see me play and you want to be the game sponsor for, say so in Message me through the forums. I will be in contact with all that express serious interest. 




Donate $26 AUD in return for Game Sponsor for Rainbow 6 Siege and getting the designated Game Sponsor credit on all streams of Rainbow 6 Siege for a minimum of the next 3 months after this period there is no obligation to display stream credit, but may remain their at discretion of streamer.




Finally, thank you so much to everyone that has supported the streams so far. 115 people to date have joined the crew. Really appreciate it! Means the world that people even watch me haha. Working towards that goal of a facecam. Hopefully we reach the goal required for ti soon. Thanks all again love ya'll.

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Hello all,

Base on your feedback I am making the following changes. 

  1. Instead of 1 month the minimum time it will be there is 3 months.
  2. I am gonna get the next game package up (shows how I know nothing about R6 haha)
  3. Facecam is coming. The goal for what I need to get a face is on the stream.
  4. If you have donated in the past we can talk about that being part of the Game Sponsor Donation.

If you are seriously interested i being the R6 Game Sponsor then message me (DM) through the forums like I said.


Thanks all love ya. 

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