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Snows Trial Moderator Application

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22 hours ago, Cecil said:

Instead of instantly -1ing this app, I'm going to go with NEUTRAL

  • I really admire your perseverance Snow and I think that's a quality Moderators need
  • You're active in-game and on the forums
  • Application has the correct amount of detail and the questions are well answered
  • I still question your maturity
  • I still believe you haven't been apart of the community for long enough and more dedication needs to be shown



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  • Advisor

At this current stage, I will have to deny this application. You have received positive feedback from the community but issues have been raised by staff.

Things we would like to see improved before the next possible application:
- Work on your maturity and behavior (You had 3 warns whilst fulfilling the role of EM)
- You recently left the community to work on another server
- You need to focus on things in your personal life.

Take all the positive feedback on this App and channel it to improve yourself and apply again when you think you are truly ready.

Denied - You may apply again in 8 weeks

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