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Hey Twinkie here,

So after maybe a week trying to get on the server to see the new DS Map, I finally got in and I am impressed. The best map I've seen in my 1800 hours on Garry's Mod (yes no life).

As for where I have spent the last month or two, I can'treally count, I've been playing some other games, and finally got myself a decent computer so if anyone wants to play some games hit me up (except csgo xd) if you want to buy them for me haha, im broke please gift me.

I am in 224th at the moment and my name is Twinkie so if you see me I'm probably being killed by Jman and Morgan or I'm afk, probably the first one but who knows

So yeah hi

As for those of whom who question why I left in the first place, I was having doubts and worries about where I will go after I had to hand my laptop back into school (yes i played on a school laptop for my 1 year on the server), and I was very worried on what I'll do, and how I'll keep relationships and my rank as a moderator on the server, so I decided to leave before I could become sad (as well as I was not sure where to go on the server). But after getting a new laptop (my own this time), I don't have to worry about leaving or anything so yeah. 


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