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Mordicai's Meals | Post #3

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In this post I'll be sharing with you one of my healthier meals, a welcome change to those who don't usually eat diabetes all day.
Today the meal will be my special twist on a 'Cesar salad'.

What you'll need:
   1x Fresh Lettuce
   1x Cooked Chicken Brest (Supermarket chicken will work fine)
   1x Tomato
   1x Avocado
   Croutons (Packet or Home made)
   Whole Egg Mayo

Optional Items (So its not boring):
   - Bacon (Chopped/Diced & Grilled)
   - Feta or Parmesan Cheese (Feta works better)
   - Tangy Mustard Dressing or Italian Dressing (For if you don't want mayo)

How its done:
   STEP 1: Break off layers of the lettuce, rip into pieces and place on a plate.
STEP 2: Next cut up the tomato in any old fashion and place onto the lettuce.
STEP 3: Carve out chunks of avocado and place onto the plate with the tomato and lettuce.
STEP 4: Take strips of the chicken breast and place it on the plate with a sprinkling of croutons and cover with the mayo.
 (Optional Steps)
   STEP 5:
If you want more 'excitement' in your salad then grill some bacon and place onto the salad
   STEP 6: You could end it there however if you're like me you'll love to put some Feta cheese on the salad or some Parmesan. I prefer Feta however it doesn't really matter, crumble the Feta or slice some Parmesan onto the plate with the rest of the salad and cover with either Mustard or Italian dressing.

So there you have it, my take on a 'Cesar Salad' its healthier than most of the crap I'll be posting but everything here is crafted from yours truly so don't expect everything to be healthy.
So tune in next time for more marvellous Mordicai Meals.

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ahh you got my mouth bloody watering :x^_^

Can't wait to try this

Tried it, you're amazing :x @Renegaderade

Didn't have Parmesan or Feta so I just used crumbled Mild Colby cheese, it's beautiful.  



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Made da salad
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3 hours ago, Bevan said:

@Renegaderade You should do something involving pasta next thread. I love pasta, and everything else you've done has been great!

I'll see if I can come up with something, probably my pasta bake, its easy, cheap, fast and tastes fukken mint.

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