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An Imperial Gaming Halloween | 2018 Part 2


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Oh.. wait not yet.

Halloween is just around the corner and I have another task for you, Get someone to take a photo of you in front of the scarecrow in Tie Hanger 62-N9 and reply attach it to this post. Oh yeah, this post gets locked at 11pm and only the people that post in here will be added to the Reward count.


1. Do not post any images other than the required image

2. You are allowed to take group photos with your regiment only (Tag the other person with @)

3. Do not add other props to the setting

4. Include all in-game names as well

5. Must be a first person Image


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Thought I'd use this opportunity to create something to show the people off a bit more, The people in screenshots:

@Ricky @Mars Flare @Shepherd @Snoozy @Kenny @Tonberry Kazimir @Auzii @Junker @Zote @Splonter  @Bevan @Frost @Snow Zue @Rickle @Kahn Caleb & @Tom

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