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List of Forum Name - In-Game Name

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Name Changes - Documenting

Hey, a while back I used to not be able to connect people’s Forum name with their current in-game name.

I have made a document that will list as many different names that differ from their in-game name as I can.

I will not be able to list everyone at first so if you have a name that you want added, comment in this Structure
“Forum Name” - “In-Game Name” - Other names they might go by, eg.Teamspeak or previous names”

I will keep updating this as much as I can. Any help for keeping this up to date is appreciated, eg. notifying me of name changes or new titles, or new members to add, or even mistakes that I may of made. Just comment below the names to be added in the correct format


List of Names

AComfyCushion - Cad Bane (Cushion)
addamcor - Major General Hornet
ANiX - Governor Bullock
Ash - Ashley

Bailey - Bailey Wintoh
Basil - Stewart Wintoh (Bosil)
BassBalloon -
Bevan - Naveb
Billybob1061 - BillyBob
Boris - Boris J. (Boris K.)
boosterflaming - 

Boxhead321 - Marcus
buckhop6 - Buckhop

CaptainBorkz76 - Puppy
Carnifex - Carnifex (Royal Representative Gallius Rax)
charles - Poseidon (Veles)
Chopz - Grand General Chopz
Cody - Grand Admiral Thrawn
Crunchy - Artemis

Deathaxx - Axx
Dexoys - Bang
Denzham - Grand Inquisitor Iris (Emperor Palpatine)

Emerald - R4-G2 (Emerald)
Nataly (Kamelieon)
Eros -
Ethan - Commodore Iden Versio's ID10 Droid

Flipps - Emperor Palpatine (Fliqqs)
Frost -
Frost (Xalik)
funnyguy1 -Julius

Galle - Galle (Memez_R_Dreamz - Galle)
Ghost4448 -Arcturusious
Goliath - Captain Dunstig Pterro
Gregis - Galen Erso
Guskywalker - Gusky

Hammer - Major General Hammer
Havoc - Flare
Head Coach Frank - Frank
Helsing - Vanquisher Van Helsing
Hyperion - Khan Strax (Ham)


Jalex - Demeter
JDark47 - Renegade
Jman1308 - Grand Moff Tarkin
Joshv676 - Joshv (Blitz)

Katelyn - Maxine
Kosmos - General Hurst Romodi
KronosTOT - Kronos
Kumo - Janiter Kumo

larrythecrab - Reynolds
Lincoln - Director Krennic
livebait7 - Bait
Long_Night_Of_Solace - Archer

Martibo - Martibo (Jedi Hunter Droid Martibo)
Mavric -
Anubis (Vin Northal)
MrKayeST - Kaye
Moose - Lieutenant General Moose
Morgan - Bureau Chief Morgan

NovaPendragon - Pendragon


Pablo - Commodore Iden Versio
Pickle - Terra (Grodin Tierce, Ra)
pinejack -
HK-24 "Devastator" (Punished, Niner)


Ramirez - Ramirez
Relegator -Jye
Remus -  Seyn Marana (Mandor Teth)
Renegaderade -
Mordicai (Mord)
RexMaxwell -
Rickle - Rickle. (Rickle K.)
Rivers - 

Robo - Gideon Hask

S4Spooky - Shepeard
Snoozy - 73-09 “Snoozy”
Snow - Jaxon Nivix (Snow)
SoliD - Arkan
Splonter - Splonter
Stevo. - General Stevo.

[IG] Tackxo - Tackxo
TomCos - Tom
Twinkie - Twinkie

Uncle_BobbyB - Bob. (Major General Bob.)


Welshy - Air General Rudolph (Major General Maximilian Veers)
Whitey -
Whitey (Rigsby)
Wimlay -
Wimlay. (Wimlay)
Wolf -
Jedi Hunter Droid Gahni (Grand General Wolf)
Wombaticus - Wombat


YaBoiSwift - Swift

zaspan - Darth Vader

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I can’t edit it properly on phone so I will edit it once I get access to computer

Reminder though, not much use having your name added if your forum name is already the same as your in-Game name as people will be able to relate your name instantly anyway.

Keep em’ Coming ;D

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That's just Saying he used to be Emperor Palpatine @zaspan

Also, Guys If you have your name the same in game and on the forums there is not much point adding it , this is to help people relate different forum names to ingame names

Friendly Reminder don't post this : Planz - Planz

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9 minutes ago, charles said:

@Planz Just to let you know Bob is no longer MAJGEN he is in medics

The third column is for names/positions a player has been previously known for, Iris isn't the emperor ATM either, it's just in case somebody needs to remember who somebody was to know who they are

Nataly having Kamelieon in brackets afterwards is another example of this


[EDIT] Tonberry - Tonberry - Tonberry... Unless I'm PK'd I shouldn't have any drastic name changes!

Edited by Tonberry
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