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So i played csgo with...


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So i played csgo with Wolf, Welshy, Cody, Born, Bailey, Bevdog and rex. 

The evening started off warm with the faint smell of Cody's bankruptcy (after we forced him to buy CSGO). We ended up doing
competitive. Our teams were set

Cloud 9: 
- Bailey

- Born

- Bevan

- Bnow (Snow)

Faze Clan (
Dont ban me please):
- Wolf
- Welshy

- Rex

- Cody

The air was electric with all the sweat coming off our foreheads. We were 
tryharding so hard, at one point born had to take a shower. The dak daks started rolling out like... Baileys sweats? So we grinded until we beat him, the god, WOLF. The score was (Help I forgot) and we were jumping up and down with excitement. Well, that was until wolf community banned us all (I'm joking, He only banned bailey). 

Bailey is sweaty

"Wolf is a Bitch with the P90" - Born 2018
"I am a gamer virgin" - Cody 2018
"It was a 1 v 4" - Wolf 2018 

Thanks for reading, all in all, it was a great night and I wouldn't mind doing it again. <3

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