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Cody Facecam?


Should I get Facecam????  

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  1. 1. Should I get Facecam????

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    • No

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I am streaming a lot more now.

Do you want me to get a facecam?

leave your thoughts below.



BTW: Some people have very generously donated on the streams already. Thank you so much to those who have. Everything that is donated goes towards for example getting a facecam if people want me to or whatever else that can make the stream better.

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46 minutes ago, Snow said:

+1 Please do, Your streams are soo good and a face cam will be a step in the right direction :)... Remember me when ur famous 


8 minutes ago, Wombatiacus said:

Lol there are 26 people wanting your face! I do too!!!

Agreed ^^

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