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Hey Guys, 

So recently I have been receiving a lot of messages going along the lines "How come you aint dead yet???", and whilst I love everyone's enthusiasm to see me dead, I haven't been killed yet.

So (Please note I could be wrong, ALSO SPOILERS), From my understanding we are at the point where Doctor Galen Erso has built the super laser, but it is yet to successfully  fire. Now this puts the timeline in a kinda "iffy" spot, as it isn't known if Galen has sent out the pilot as of yet (Not that this matters). Its not after the first successful firing of the death star that Galen gets found out, and "PK'ED" therefore. There is still a period of time after this firing before ISB find out it was Galen who sent the pilot. From what i've been told we will not be advancing our timeline, so unfortunately for all those crossing your fingers i will not be dying anytime soon. 

If you wanna add anything/ask anything feel free too


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10 minutes ago, Aphrodite said:

I thought we were advancing the timeline just at a very slow rate (basically when Management approves).

I don't think it'll happen anytime soon though.

Yeah this is pretty much it. Rephrasing we move through the timeline when we want, but I don’t think we are going to move to the part where krennic and Galen are gone anytime soon.

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