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Hi, It has occurred to me I have never written an introduction.

My name is Gregis (not really), and in-game you'll find me as Doctor Galen Erso

Tarkin PK'ED me for drinking (This was planned btw for all those people who cry about me getting pk'ed and then getting Galen)

I like building things that kill people in game, and yelling at people.

I'm just finishing my last year of school and hoping to go into mechatronic engineering when i finish

I like Mountain bikes.

I am mildly intoxicated as its my 18th, but i want you too all know i love you

I hope this extremely detailed insight into my life has provided you with enough knowledge of me.


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1 minute ago, Planz said:

Ahh, an introduction

Great Guy, Fun to talk to, See you around a lot


My Alliteration Welcome

Gregis who Goes as Galen, Greets with a Giant Glowing Grin like a Gaping Galapagos tortoise.   ;D


i like turtles, that really hit me in the feels, thankyou 


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