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Civilization Game Nights?

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Due to the fact that Civilization is a "4 ex" game the longevity of it could be quite appealing for those who wish to play it.
Details follow:
    - 8 player game (Can be pushed to 12 with mods)
    - Long game sessions (Can lead into multiple sessions before game ends)
    - Host would have to friend the players on steam and invite as such
      (I'll host a game if need be)
    - Due to the longevity of the game the sessions, they may be spread out
      (Sessions will be organised when the players are ready)
    - Communication will most likely be through Discord due to TeamSpeak being somewhat of an
      annoying programme at times & the potential for others to interupt.

The games that will be played:
Civ VI other than V due to HOW GOOD THEY ARE.

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I made the post somewhat decent now, happy?
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@Renegaderade Hello as whitey said if you want to make a game night thats fine just include detail other wise its shit posting 

Things like

- Who will host it

-When it will be

-How many players

-Let players read the text writing

-Explain how it will run

-Say how you will meet up and talk

Thank you and have a good Game night

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