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Engine Error. LUA panic! something went terribly wrong! *not enough memory*


Im not sure anyone would be able to help me here but i cant join the server because of this error. I was able to play at first but all my textures on the death star map were errors so i left to get more stuff on the content back, after i did the following i tried to get back on and it came up with this.


So naturally im like "wtf" about this and i tried again twice but nothing so i decided to re download my mods then get the content pack (as i had tonnes of mods i wasnt using) everything was fine. I tried to load into the game again and got onto the "Sending client info" page when suddenly it kicked me out of garrys mod and closed the game saying this 


So after this i was like "Alright what is happening". Does anyone have any suggestions on how i should fix this?


Ive found that this only happens with this server and it works with other servers fine im worried that my computer might just not be able to run the map


Please help if you can


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