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Mordicai's Meals | Post #1


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I've decided to make a cooking thread of weird and yummy foods that I have come up with. Today I will be sharing my special "Doritos Toasty".
This sandwich is easy to make and tastes like liquid pleasure. What you'll need is:

 1x Avocado
 1x Packet of Doritos (Supreme Cheese Flavour)
 1x Jar of mild Salsa
 1x Packet of Grated Cheese (Sliced is fine)
 2x Slices of bread (Your Choice)
 1x Chicken (Preferably a precooked one from the store)
 (Ham works as well)

The method of madness for this marvellous sandwich is:
 Step 1: Place your slices of bread on your toasty maker.
 Step 2: Lay a nice grounding of avocado onto the bread following the rest of the ingredients
             (Cheese, chicken/ham, Doritos & a sprinkle of Salsa)
 Step 3: Place the 2nd piece of bread on top and toast in the maker until golden brown all over and cut in half to serve.

I hope you enjoy this recipe, I will be adding more in the future and be prepared as they may get weirder.
Also if you want to be a normal boring person just remove the Salsa and Doritos and apply the rest of the ingredients.

So enjoy, skate fast, eat ass and smoke grass.


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