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Deathstar Map Broken (FIX)

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Hello there, I thought I'd make this as a few Staff were having the problem tonight as we were changing map, however, I decided that I'd make this guide in order to assist the members of the community that would need the assistance and don't have the immediate support there that we all had.

So, first things first, this guide will only be necessary if you have logged onto Undead Servers with their Deathstar map, if not, don't worry about you, you'll be fine. However, if so, this guide is for you.


Step 1: Navigate to your GMod Folder. Click on the folder "garrysmod".



Step 2: Click on the folder named "Download"



Step 3: Go into maps.



Step 4: Delete rp_deathstar.nav and rp_deathstar.bsp




That should fix you right up and allow you to play the server properly. Enjoy the new map and the RP opportunities that come with it.

If you have any problems or need a hand with anything, message myself or another Staff Member, I'm sure they'll be happy to help.

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@Bailey Do you know what is really-super-duper broken and needs to be fixed?


my heart the fact you neglected to upgrade to Windows 10.



just f*cking realised this is the second time i posted this, whoops!

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