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Just like in a lot of DarkRP they have a tool that certain jobs can use to break into people's houses via locked door that is secured by a keypad so I suggest that there should be a tool that allows people such as event characters to break into anywhere just by clicking onto a Card Scanner with the tool, wait a few seconds and walk in that room. However, it can't be just outrun the authorities and run into somewhere they don't have access to. That's why I will suggest some downsides to it.

-Cooldown Timer (How long it takes for you to use it again)

          -10 seconds

-Timer (How long it takes for you wait for the Card Scanner to be broken)

          -3-8 seconds

                    -NOTE: Higher the clearance level needed to pass, the longer it'll take to break in. 1 = 3 seconds. 2 = 4 seconds. 3 = 5 seconds. 4 = 6 seconds. 5 = 7 seconds. 6+ = 8 seconds.

-Door Timer (How long the door stays open until it shuts)

          -10-5 seconds

                    -NOTE: Higher the clearance level needed to pass, the shorter the door stays open. 1 = 10 seconds. 2 = 9 seconds. 3 = 8 seconds. 4 = 7 seconds. 5 = 6 seconds. 6+ = 5 seconds.

-Side Suggestions:

          -Only 1-3 Event Characters should be allowed to use this tool.

          -Once Card Scanner is broken, the opening beep is 100% louder then opened normally.


I may add some more downsides later but right now I am just too tired, have a good week

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8 hours ago, Morgan said:

When has it ever broken the server?

Like many things in Gmod, it's temprimental and can break for no reason. This, combined with the fact that we can Rp hacking it with ec area access cards means it isn't used.

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Although this is a good idea, it isn't practical for the event characters to use it due to the fact that it is extremely loud when cracking the door, will be canceled if they are shot (knocked too far from the door or killed), and doesn't stay open for very long. It seems like too much work to make a brand new custom cracker for event characters to use once in a blue moon.

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