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Corvo's Pac3 application

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On 10/10/2018 at 9:59 PM, Planz said:


You are a Great Guy, Easy to talk to, and Kind

Would not Abuse the Privilege Given to Him.

Pac Examples are all right, I hope you intend on adding more and improving them. 

The application has a very low amount of Detail

The backpack is low resolution and doesn't fit res quality of the player model.

If I didn't know you as the great guy you are, and didn't know you that you were deserving of this, shown to me through your Attitude and the way you present yourself in game.
It would have been a 
-1 from me
You really need to update the application with more detailed answers and really go into depth about why you deserve this, and why you should be trusted with Pac.
For me, saying you want it to look cool and stand out doesn't cut it. You want to Improve the roleplay of others and yourself, and I'm sure that's what you will do, so just expand on it, give it more detail, convince people why YOU should have it over others.

With the Pac's, make the droids alive and move them, Find a higher res backpack, or build one yourself, Explain each pac3 and show what it does and how it will benefit immersion, or show off how good you are with pac3. Show us why you should gain access to it over others, because of your skill in it.

I've gone on for quite some while now so I'm going to finish up.
I really hope you update the Application and Improve the Pac's.

Good luck ;D
Cheers, Planz 


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