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Fish's Farewell


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Dear IG Community,

I never thought i would be making this now, but it is here. My farewell. The reason i am making this is because i have grown bored of SWRP and want to move on.

Special people:
These are the special people i have met along the way of me playing on IG

@zaspan - Zaspan was my first commander i joined his reg (RST) around October last year. Ever since then he has grown from 2lt of RST to very high ranking sith. Here is a google doc i made just for u (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bnrNYXis1MgqUPaHyXz_PLdvQ_JPSXEnjHQnBJ6cZEU/edit?usp=sharing)

@Rickle - Ooft.Mute. Nah but in all seriousness ur a good meme <3, 

@Thana - My successor, The times in RG with u were fun and ur a great CO and i am more then happy that u got RG CO then anyone else

@Pickle - Cuffing each other in sith temple when u were profits was fun ecks dee

@Twinkie - Best Moot

If i missed anyone i am sorry but I am just making this really quick as i want to get over with this

(This is a resignation from SG commander and staff)

Luv u all and i hope u guys enjoy the rest of ur day <3

~ Fish

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