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Sudo || My Farewell


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Dear IG Community

Today, I am writing this post as I will be resigning from my staff member and I will be less active on the server. I could write paragraphs upon paragraphs regarding why I have decided to leave but I will leave you with the following statement; I believe I have hurt to many people due to my recent actions. Many of you may not know but I have been doing some really stupid and idiotic things which has been dealt with internally so before I do anything else I would like to apologize to anyone I have hurt and let down. Anyway,  onto one of our communities traditions - The Thank Yous.


@Kosmos - I would first like to the thank one of the greatest community founders on Garry’s Mod for making my experience possible by following your heart and creating this server.

@Whitey / @Wolf- Thank you for all the highs and lows that we had, It truly has made me into a stronger human and I can’t thank you enough for the support you provided when I was in my lows.

@Head Coach Frank - I am sorry for all the incidents that arose due to my actions but I would like to thank you for pulling me back to the ground and not allowing me to do float off and cause more mayhem.

@Welshy - I do not know where to start, You have honestly been one of the key community members that have kept me civil and constantly attempting to try new things. From the first day when I got accepted into the EM Team I could see into the future and the bond I could create with some of the amazing team members. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing opportunity

@Helsing - Thank you for everything from teaching me new things to helping me with personal problems. It has been a pleasure being able to work alongside yourself.

@Basil/ @Bailey / @Peguin - The main EMs, what an amazing team we had - First Peguin left which left us devastated but we came back together and pushed through all the challenges but now it is my time to follow on and leave. Thank you for helping me with all my events, all my debriefs and overall being completely amazing people.

@Rickle / @Brass- Holy moly. You boys have come far whilst being staff. Keep moving forward and you will impact our server in a positive way.

@Emerald  - Thank you Emerald for always being there for me and helping me with literally everything. Farewell PAC Lord

@Jesis - Might be dogging the boys but man you were such a good guy. Best of luck with everything

@Carswell / @Percival - The new boys in the Event Team. My only advice I can give is to keep going hard with your event it does get easier and I truly believe you two can make a difference on IG. Best of luck it was a good run

@Mauler - Rewinding back to when I first joined the server, you welcomed me with open arms and became my first commander of Pilots. I wish you the best of luck with everything you do.

@Aussie - I believe Aussie has left our community but if he ever sees this, I would like to thank you for being my trainer when I first joined the server. You were super welcoming and were one of the first friends I made within the community.

@Cody- Cody, we had a rough start around 3-4 months ago but I am super thankful that you gave me a second chance in navy because I met some of the greatest people there. Thank you Grand Admiral Thrawn…


Last but definitely not least - I would like to thank the whole community because you guys have been the center of my life for so long and I can’t believe how long we have come. IG will always be so close to me forever and I hope that everyone feels the same way. I wish everyone single one of you, even if we were not on the greatest terms the best for your whole life because you are truly a great family.


Goodbye Everyone <3 


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