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Splonter's Filmer/Editor Advertising Team Application

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What is your Steam name?:


What is your current in-game name?:

[NS-05] Splonter

What is your current in-game rank?:

(Pilots) Flight Corporal

What is your current playtime on the server?:

3 Days, 20 Hours, 25 Min. (Although had 3+ Weeks playtime before reset)

What is your current overall playtime on Garry's Mod?:

4536 Hours

Do you have a microphone?:

Yes, I use a Blue Snowball Microphone.

Do you have any kicks, bans or warnings from anywhere on Imperial Gaming?:


Why do you believe you would be an asset to the team?:

I believe I'd be an asset to the advertising team for a multitude of reason some being but not limited to is my ability to think outside the box and be creative. I'm able to think up of new, creative and innovative ideas to create or add onto current ideas. I also work strong in a team being able to communicate and work with my fellow peers to produce new content that will benefit the server and the community as a whole to provide entertaining content. I also believe I'd be an asset due to my activity usually always being available unless I currently have school in which I'm still able to be contacted. Due to myself having a lot of free-time I can use the free-time to help others and work on mini-projects such as editing, filming and assisting the advertising team. Although my experience in filming and editing isn't a large amount over the past couple months I've learnt an increasingly large amount as well as i'm taking a course at school being Music Technology (VET course) which will assist me to learn in new skills to do with editing with myself finding out new features and exploring new ideas daily. I also make sure to put effort in tasks given to me to present and produce projects/content with the most detail and effort possible. 

Do you understand that as a member of the advertisement team, you may have to put in long hours into various projects?:

I understand that completely, As stated above I currently have a lot of free time on my hands meaning that I'm able to put long hours into projects and tasks given to myself.

How well do you work with others in a team?:

I believe I'm able to work in a team very efficiently and effectively I'm able to put fourth ideas of my own and to take others input and use it to benefit what we are working on, I'm able to communicate and express new and innovative ideas to benefit my team. Being apart of a team and being able to work well together is crucial to the success of a project. And being able to navigate and overcome any obstacles in our path comes to how well we work together I believe that I have the ability to not only do this but to adapt and improvise any obstacles my team may come across. 

How much time can you offer to the team in an average week?:

It can vary depending on school work although I can be very active. Usually I believe I'd be able to put fourth around 4+ hours minimum towards the advertising team per week.

  Is there anything else you would like to add?:




What software do you use to record?:

I currently have NVIDIA ShadowPlay in which I use whilst I also have the full version of Fraps which I can use to film also.

How much experience do you have with filming?:

I have quite a bit of experience in filming having taken courses at school such as a course focused on filming and producing different pieces and experimenting on the different kind of shots used to create films. Over the years I have also found a passion for creating entertaining content that i'm passionate in to present to audiences, And have experimenting with different techniques and styles to present new content to see what works and what doesn't. 

What other software do you use to aid with recording?:

Although when recording afterwards I use editing software such as OpenShot currently, I also have MorphVox Pro which is a voice changer that can assist with recording if need be.

Have you recorded things in the past? If so, please link them here.:

I have recorded a multitude of different content which can be seen from my YouTube channel, Although I have used others in the past for filming.



Why do you want to become a filmer?:

I wish to become a filmer to help out the community with the advertising team and to expand my own abilities in filming so that I may later use it in life scenarios to assist myself.  I wish to have a shot at attempting to provide entertaining content to the community and to experiment with a variety of different methods to do so. 



What software do you use to edit?:

I have used a variety of different software to edit in the past some being

OpenShot Video Editor - I've recently started experimenting and using it.

VirtualDub - Previous editor I used to use to compress video files to make it easier for uploading.

Garageband - I used for experimenting with different music to add onto videos I've created.

iMovie - Although not the best I have used it in the past for mini/quick projects of mine.

How much experience do you have with editing?:

I have a decent amount of experience with editing although I'm learning by the day, I currently take a course at school to assist myself with learning how to edit videos over the past years I have attempted at editing different videos and adding on different techniques to assist in making videos more entertaining and enjoyable to watch. I've tried different editing programs to see what works and what doesn't work and I'm currently using OpenShot to assist myself with editing. I've also experimenting with different kinds of volume using Garage Band at my VET course to see what works and what doesn't, And I hope to continue to learn and grow these skills through the advertisement team. 

What other software do you use to aid with editing?:

I've used different methods to assist with editing such as MorphVox Pro for voice overs, And using the benefit of the internet to my advantage to get different sounds, clips and files to add onto my videos. 

Have you edited things in the past? If so, please link them here.:

Some videos that I've edited in the past: 


This one below Is a project I worked on for school where I got a trailer that I liked then stripped all audio files from that video once being done I then had to create all audio files from scratch using the internet and then put it onto the video. All music seen in the clips I created from different files and mixes on Garage Band and all the sound effects I got from the internet then synced it on using another editing program at school. (Please excuse the meme at the end, I create this at the start of the year roughly)

Why do you want to become an editor?:

I wish to become an editor to expand my skills as an editor and to try out new things. I've never really fully gotten into editing before and wish to give it a go to try new things. I also wish to help out the community by editing and providing entertaining content for others to enjoy, Whilst doing so expanding my own ability to edit videos in which I may use these skills for later in life. And I was asked to apply for this position which I was debating beforehand but it gave my motivation to.

Edited by Splonter
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Sorry, application is very good but don’t trust you at this current time

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@charles @Twinkie @Cecil

Thank for your responses I appreciated it.

Twinkie with your comment I appreciate it although I don't believe there is much of a trust factor involved, I'm just volunteering my time to help out provide content to the server. I don't believe there is any major power or anything that can be abused gained from the role. Although I appreciate your feedback and I would greatly appreciate if you could send me a private message expanding on this.

Thank you again!

Edited by Splonter

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Love the application

Although I have never had an personal interaction with you, through your responses and forum activity and how you present yourself in game I can tell that you are a great guy


Cheers, Planz

Edited by Planz
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I will be Supporting this Application for the following reasons;

  • Splonter has maintained a good standard of maturity in the interactions I have had with him.
  • I think that he possesses the necessary skills to be able to hold such an onerous and serving position.
  • The Application has been answered sufficiently, and is formatted well.

Splonter has been a great person to talk to since I joined, and one of the few familiar faces I have been able to speak to.

Goodluck, Splonter!

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