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Wind's Trial mod aplication

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From my experience in game I don’t think he is equipped with the ability to deal with a mingey player that joins the server to swear and insault everyone he see’s. I speak from experience because as Navy I am required to complete reviews of ethier tryouts or training and I have completed a review multiple time of Vader’s fist and each time my only concern is that he lets his troopers walk over him he doesn’t have that back bone. After all said It doesn’t mean he can’t improve on that so I am subject to change.

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At this current stage, I will have to deny this application. You have received positive feedback from the community but issues have been raised by staff.

Things we would like to see improved before the next possible application:
- You need to work on your maturity in dealing with situations as it has been raised you make silly mistakes.

Take all the positive feedback on this App and channel it to improve yourself and apply again when you think you are truly ready.

Denied - You may apply again in 2 weeks

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