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Inquisitor Troopers


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Suggestion: Addition of new Regiment called Inquisitor Troopers. 

Weapons: DC-15A, SE-14C 



Image result for inquisitor troopers weapons



Reason/Purpose: Over the past 6 months of myself being on the server I have seen RST struggle many times (I myself struggling with the regiment as well) over and over again. I feel if a new sith trooper regiment were to replace them they would do a lot better. If they were to be introduced they could carry out all duties RST normally carries out, but they also engage Jedi if the EM wishes for them too. I feel this is a good replacement as they are considered to be elite Jedi hunters (such as what IC are). They also contain a lot more lore background information than RST so RP can be engaged more freely and openly. 

Another reason I believe that inquisitor troopers should be added is because of the new Death Star map that is inbound very soon. I have heard that the sith temple has its very own floor, this would cause a lot of complications for RST as most of RST’s time is spent guarding the temple. No offence but I am anticipating that keeping RST alive during the Death Star release is going to be extremely hard so I believe that replacing them with a spec ops regiment will benefit them a lot. 

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Don’t replace my RST ;-;

As of now inquisitor troopers have won the vote, happy?   and yes I am salty deal with it i also understand most of the server dislikes sith regiments but cmon

I love the thought of doing this it's a brilliant idea I would even join the regiment myself if there was an opportunity. However in my mind we should wait until the new map comes out because there mite be more opportunities to place the sith troops. But its still a phat +1 from me

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10 minutes ago, [IG] Tackxo said:

Not canon, they're custom. Saul is making a canon pack. Or a more lore-friendly version.

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3 minutes ago, Brass said:



I love the models and the idea, but adding another regiment while some can barely hold their own seems a bit over the top in my opinion.

The idea is to replace RST not add a new regiment, think more of what happened with Vector and 224th

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