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Dear IG Community,

You might not know me and that's fair enough. A while ago I was told a lie by some people about this Community and some of it's members. It took a while but I've finally found out the truth of what happened and this makes me extremely sad and frustrated that I was told a lie by people I was close to. I am so sorry to anyone that I may have caused any kind of harm too and any kind of harm that I caused to this Community due to this lie and also me believing in it. Looking back on what happened, I made a MASSIVE mistake in not asking more people and talking to staff and instead let all of my anger and rage out on the people who were surrounding me at the time on the server. I am extremely apologetic to Staff Member Ridge as he was the one who I let most of my anger and frustration out on and I am sorry for any Harm or frustration that i may have caused him. Knowing what actually happened makes me feel as if I let not only myself down but also a lot people who had known me on the server. 

I wish to come back to this server because I enjoyed playing with everyone who was around me as they had such a great attitude and made playing for 4+ hours at a time enjoyable and very funny at times. Finally I would like to say sorry to Wolf who did nothing wrong and yet I lashed out at him at the time and although I am not sure if I caused any harm to him, I would like to say sorry for any harm or damage that i caused you, the server, and the community. obviously I do not actually expect to be unbanned as I was told I was not welcome in this community but I would very grateful if it were to happen.

Once again I apologise to everyone in this community and I hope that you all accept my apology.

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