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IG PVP Tournament (Media Team Suggestion)


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Pretty basic suggestion. PVP Tournament, hosted by the media team. It'd word in a single elimination style, players would submit teams of 3 - 5 to partake in the PVP challenge, a team leader, and 1 or 2 backup layers. Once summited the media team would use a website like https://challonge.com/IGSWRP, to create a public website all players can view.

It's the team leader's job to ensure all the troopers are ready.

Each round would incorporate a different style of PVP/Gamemode. Such as,

The first round being an ST loadout of 100 HP and E11s only.

Second Round of CTF, ST Loadout.

Third could be snipers only. E.T.C.


The number of rounds would depend on the number of people who sign up.

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We could expand on this idea and make it something really fun that everyone could participate in, regardless if wether the media team want to use the event as a chance to shoot some footage, just to have a good time and enjoy themselves.

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