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Hey, Throne here.

I was reading the rules for bounty hunters and was surprised to find there was no rule against killing tryout participants.

I know hits are technically OOC and tryouts can be interpreted as such as well, but killing someone as they participate or run tryouts can be a real nuisance. Image if an officer was shot while running tryouts and pretty much interrupts it. That is a pain. Or if a trooper is participating in tryouts and reaches a pivotal point and gets killed, delaying and inconveniencing the tryout participants and the person running it.

Thanks, I hope this rule can be reviewed and implemented to make tryouts safer, or at least tweaked to make it fairer.

Thanks again, Throne

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2 hours ago, Martibo said:

It's more of a common sense idea that you don't interrupt (stop/excessive interruption) a regiments tryouts, Otherwise, there will be OOC consequences no matter your role on the server.

While I agree with martibo, common sense is.. lacking in some individuals and I don’t think a clarification of rules will hurt. 


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