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Event Character Performance


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Hello guys,

Recently I have been playing more and more as an event character both on ship and off ship. I would like to say first of all that every event master I have encountered has been extremely professional and I have always been able to clearly see the creative story they are trying to play out.


The major problem I have seen lately is the event characters themselves. Perhaps there are 10 characters, maybe two of them start minging or ignoring orders. Sometimes they just spam the teamspeak asking for better weapons or complain about the weapons others have. Even last night when a general was trying to negotiate for a hostage one event character just turned around and shot the hostage. That looks negatively on the eight other event characters who were just following orders and end up getting lumped in with the minges in front of event masters.


My question is, is there some sort of rating system on the event characters as a whole? Like a list of who shouldn't be a character or is it first person to say i gets to join. I completely understand if there isnt a way to monitor it. Feel free to tell me if that's impossible.

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When you say ‘I’ in OOC the event master, if they have seen you do well in the past, will pick you first and then go back and pick the others until they have enough for they for what they planned.

In regards to rating, if you minge too much you will get blacklisted for a certain amount of time depending on the situation.

All this is to prevent event characters minging, but at this point, if someone decides to minge for the first time with no previous record, it is really hard to prevent it has you can’t predict who will.

Actual Event Masters feel free to correct me if i’m wrong btw


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As planz has said, people are punished harshly for misbehaving during events.

Event Masters do their best to control the event to make everyone happy as well as make sure that the event characters are not minging, which is a VERY hard job to do.

But yes, as planz has also stated, Event Masters have a blacklist for people who minge duromg events. Which is kept up to date

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When we call for event characters, there is always that group of people who constantly volunteer, and so are known by the event masters and are generally picked first because they are reliable people to have in events over some new players who are given chances.


As stated in prior replies; instead of a list of who SHOULD be an event character, we have a list of who SHOULD NOT be one from prior event experiences. Which (thankfully) is a much smaller list.

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