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Minecraft Game nights!??

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Minecraft Game Nights. 
Idea: Community game night in which the community plays Minecraft on a public server (i.e hypixel) or a private dedicated server (i can create one). We can play Games on hypixel or go onto the dedicated server. We can play adventure, parkour or game maps or do Survival / Creative.

- Minecraft PC Account
- Access to Discord / Teamspeak 

Possible Games:
Hypixel -
- Party Games (8 Rounds of different challenges such as mini parkour, Hole in the wall and Splegg
- Bed Wars (Protect your bed while destroying everyone else's bed and being the last team remaining)
- Build Battles (You are given a theme and 5 minutes to build said theme)
- Sky wars (Spawn on various islands and attempt to be the last one standing)
- Hide and Seek (Hide and Seek)
- Arcade (Small mini-games such as Creeper attack and the Blocking dead)

Dedicated Server - 
- Survival (A survival server where we can build, mine, craft and have fun as a community)
- Creative (A creative server where we can build and collaborate on projects)
- Parkour Map (A parkour map to show off our skilful side)
- Adventure Map (An adventure map where we can wander around, solve puzzles and work together)
- Challenge Map (A challenging map such as the dropper where players jump and attempt to avoid obstacles and land in water)

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1 hour ago, pinejack said:

What Mr. Whitey said, I was literally about to say. Can people who suggest custom game nights actually put effort into them, not just say "Oh hi guys, we should play *insert game name* sometime".

Have to agree with Whitey and pinejack about this one.

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