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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

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Hi, my name is "Mordecai" or has i have been more recently known as "Tensile" or, if you were around to remember me as "Smiddy" then that was me too, and i have been hanging around a few Australian starwars communities for a while now and i have quite an epic tale to tell, and i feel like with the success of Imperial gaming it's good to have a history lesson, and since im supposed to be studying i am going to type my epic tale along with accompanying pictures. THERE WILL BE PLOT HOLES, AS MY EXPERIENCES ARE MANY YEARS OLD AND IT IS ONLY WHAT I CAN REMEMBER. I'd like to note that my actions in the past don't reflect me now and if i am to try for a regiment, i would not be leaving it any time soon.

Throughout this i will be referencing Empire gaming And Colossal gaming, but both have my respect, and i am not downplaying either. Me mentioning it does not have malicious intent.

Also, i am very aware that many people on these forums will not care at all, but i felt like i should share my past, in case you see me on the server. IF you do not care, that's fine and nothing against you, just don't witch hunt me, please.

So, i had been playing garry's mod military rp for a while and i was looking to try something new with it. As i was an admin on the community of colossal gaming at the time (one of IGs partners and who shared a teamspeak) i was able to join all of the teamspeak channels. This basically led to me talking to some of the starwars guys and it was a fun time learning about what shock troopers were. The first channel i actually spoke to was the shock troopers, and  @Imposing was in there and i was being an annoying little shit asking him if i could be a shock trooper. To my dismay he accepted and when i was trained on the server for the first time, his NCO did me a tryout and because of my previous green beret training in trigger discipline and faces, i got in with no trouble. I spent my first few hours as a shock trooper and then decided against standing around at a checkpoint all the time, so i went over to the RST channel and started speaking to the late @wflizzi about joining the RST. I had known fizzy previously because of his brief stint as the 75th rangers commander. By this point i was having a LOT of fun as a RST.

This photo was taken in April of 2017.


This is my first screenshot on IG, and as you can see in the top right @FrenchyFries is being sliced by throne the saber guard. I was hanging back from the event to roleplay with some of the sith, and because i can remember how laggy that event was. Come to think of it, it may have been whiteys event. I had many exciting adventures as an RST, including defending holocrons while the base was on high lockdown,


I was conned into committing treason with Advisor Dagnesh  @Egg and i was promptly killed for it. As you can see in the voice chat, dragz is Darth Vader still and @Coach Frank is a prophet i believe, remember this later.


After this brief period of being an RST, my military rp counterpart thought it would be a good idea to try and join the royal guard as that had been our aspirations. As i was still admin on the teamspeak, and my friend @NovaWubbz was head event master, we could still join any of the channels. After we tried out for RG and failed because of lacking lightsaber practice:


We decided to try for the shadow guards, which was a longshot, but we both somehow made it.


Here we are waiting for dragz talking to the SOR Commander.




Heres me in one of the hangars, where you can see hisoka getting chopped. I had many adventures as a shadow guard, but as it may have changed the old rule of the server is that two SG get accepted, they have a week to train, and the person who wins at the end of the week gets kicked back to ST private. Because my counterpart was a better duelist at the time, i opted to find another regiment instead of fighting him. A regiment i chose was the prophets, who @Coach Frank led at the time, i appreciated their role in the server and thought i could have some cool RP as them. I begged frank to join in teamspeak and he eventually gave in and let me join. 




Back in the day.


The cap on prophets at the time was 4, and we were all matching so we decided to roll around. 


Here we are fighting IC, and you can see @Barron as the grand inquis.


AS YOU CAN SEE in the bottom right, @Keta is a event character, and banks is talking. Shortly after this, frank left the prophets and so did i me to the scout commander, and frank to the naval guard which didn't exist before he made it. @Banks was also a prophet alongside me.


The people i recognise are @Wilson, @LimeStrider (WHO IS IRONICALLY STILL IN IC) @Martibo who is still a little baby moderator at the time, @Ralla who i have not seen in a while.


Here we are PKing someone upon cody's orders.


Heres me taking pictures of everyone's impressively high pings 1000+ sometimes. It was because of an event or a DDOS, cant remember.


Here's a commander meeting, and im assuming across from me is @Ridge and @Guskywalker, these two will be VERY important in the future.

Now this is where they become important. At this point in a little later 2017 i faked replies on a mod application and admitted to it on teamspeak to gusky asking for it to be deleted, i do regret the decision but one can only move on, right? I was still a commander and i was still having fun, so i went to an admin and asked to be set to a storm-trooper with the equivalent 2 rank drop. I re-branded as Colonel Mordecai of the ST, who nobody had ever heard of. I am sure it would not have been that hard to figure out who i was, but i had realised nobody in the ISB channels had ever spoken to me so i decided to contact the commander of the DT at the time namely, ridge. DT was a really cool regiment i had always wanted to try, so with my new name and rank i did a private tryout with Maxine and i was accepted as a lieutenant. Gusky was Krennic at the time, and arguably one of the best ever, he fit the character perfectly, being perfectly intimidating and kind.


Here we are getting assigned by maxine, take into account my pauldron. And on the left it's either my best friend @SCHEFF or @Ridge, i can never remember. This was the beginning of a big journey, and it was my favourite experience on this server EVER. Those guys were the BEST. I miss it, and this is why i'm considering returning, but more about that later. @Mirror was there and so was @Pablo.


Heres me taking pretty pictures of krennic messing with my third person widget.


A briefing with @Wolf talking to us.


Ralla ended up joining me in DT, and we became friends.

Being a captain in the DT was one of the best feelings in the world, because nobody knew enough about us to question us, especially armed with out experimental e11-d which was WAY overpowered.


Heres me catching someone smoking a deathstick.


Heres gusky putting us in order to be symmetrical.


Heres our big 01 Ridge talking to us while i was taking a group selfie.


Heres me calling a mumble rapper "fuckin terrible".


Heres a depressing amount of rancor troopers trying for RG.


When ridge was promoted to MHC, we were left with no commander and krennic was to decided whether i was getting commander, or if @SCHEFF was. I'm glad he ended up with it and it was very exciting for him we had a ceremony and everything. We even managed to get the really inactive @Goy to come online!

Around about this time, i was on my last legs with the military rp server for being too inactive, and i quit my Administrator job to pursue the DT dream.


Here's someone being put on trial for something, and we went with krennic to watch.

See, now this is about the time where i decided to take a break from starwars, and i left DT and the command of DT at a very inconvenient time for gusky, for which i apologise. The game caused me stress always having to be there for the DT regiment so i decided to quit the game entirely. My last photo was taken on May 26th 2017. After a long break, i joined back to the server to join the RST yet again, and this time joined Royal guards. But not for long, as many remember this was a reg hopping phase of mine. I will cover it quickly because i am not happy about this phase.

Some would say that it's impressive i managed to get into so many prestigious regiments, but i feel disgusted with myself for not being happy, like what the FUCK past mordecai?


I was RG first.


We did genocide in the bridge, yes thats me up krennic's dress.


Look at all those STS.


I then joined scar along with some of IGs biggest enemies.


I then became a secretary for the navy under @Whitey, @Qteks and @Cody. I had a shitty excuse to leave this position and i hope nobody took this phase personally.


I joined marauders.


I joined MT.


I joined ISB.


I bought 31st commander, then joined ST, then DT as an officer cadet, its almost like we went full circle hey.


Me as a DT.


Again, i have no idea why i left. Sorry to @Trigon and @Jman1308 and @Ethan.


I joined delta squad as fixer.


This was when i phased a shmacko through glass and was arrested and retrained for it by @Welshy. It was because he didnt like schmackos i think.


I became boss of delta squad, with sev on my right who was Johnson, one of my best friends on this server and i had so much fun with him.


Me aiming at sev.


The whole delta squad online which consisted of Me, Johnson, @Schamual, and @Kenny.


See, as being an elite clone squad we were also good photographers.


This is of the wedding between JD and Maxine.


Me, fixer, and scorch chilling on our photo platform.


After being in IC for a while, i rejoined back to marauders and here is me beating @Boris in a fight. Boris was an interesting fellow over the years, having beef with me and the sith for various reasons, but in the end he was always an alright kid. I demand a rematch btw, lets see if you can beat me now.


Me, nick and pablo were kidnapped by ridge so we could reminisce about the olden days of DT and how much we missed it.


This is when the sand troopers got a pool. I stayed as a marauder for a little while until i joined engineers.


I welded the elevator. I was not engineer for long, eventually playing as a MHC secretary.


Me talking to @Flipps.

After this regiment was the dark ages for IG, with a scuffle in management and many members of the playerbase, i was torn between two servers namely IG and EG, i'm not disrespecting either so i should be able to mention it's name. On that server i rose to high positions and i am now permabanned from the forums for a good reason. I will go over it quickly.


I started as the NG commander.


This is the guys with @Horvat on the left.


I eventually got sick of the NG life, so i decided to try for RG which was a good decision. You will find out why in a second.


I was with @Demonic who was carnor before me, @Greggson (right) who was my friend.


Eventually i became carnor jax, and spend a few months there only to quit my position and join inquisitors. I became an extremely good duelist with the dual saber.


After i left carnor, @Stoffel took my place. A friend of mine @Rike is one of the RG in the audience.


After my sith journey, i joined the 212th after the CW switch and got into the ARC troopers, then left the game totally. That was the last i have ever played garrys mod.


Now onto my return, as i have been doing schoolwork and year 12 recently, i have not had enough time to make a return, but as i am going into holidays i feel like i am ready to try once more in a regiment that i can stick with. If anyone would like to take me (X Doubt after reading this) please send me a message, and otherwise i hope to see you in the game.


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21 minutes ago, Twinkie said:

No mention of me catching you in ISB hiding in a corner after you came back the first time

i don't recall but it sounds about right

sorry i didn't mention you twinkie, i was going off screenshots for a lot of it :D

Edited by Mord
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1 hour ago, Mord said:



I was conned into committing treason with Advisor Dagnesh  @Egg and i was promptly killed for it. As you can see in the voice chat, dragz is Darth Vader still and @Coach Frank is a prophet i believe, remember this later.



Hey look @Goliath, what fancy armour we used to wear, walking around looking like a prawn had a child with a Mr. Potato Head.

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Just now, pinejack said:

We were the two chump saber guards in that picture, and the only two of them for a long while.

AYYYYYYYYYYYYY you guys weren't chumps i thought you were cool. Until i found out you had to buy saber guard, a little less cool but still had my respect at least.

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Just now, Mord said:

AYYYYYYYYYYYYY you guys weren't chumps i thought you were cool. Until i found out you had to buy saber guard, a little less cool but still had my respect at least.

Haha best not $75 I've ever spent....and you thought today's donation prices were high xD

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God these were the good old days and the grand inquisitor was not "Carnifex" or me it was Barron who was one of the best grand inquisitors IG has ever had. God I miss these days

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1 minute ago, Banks said:

God these were the good old days and the grand inquisitor was not "Carnifex" or me it was Barron who was one of the best grand inquisitors IG has ever had. God I miss these days

SHIT! I knew it sounded wrong! I'll edit it.

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1 minute ago, Eros said:

its the only Image i could find of it but i remember this when i was a SGT in RST


Judging upon your positioning with the photo i would say 


You're one of the pauldrons, those SG were there for a while so you could have changed positions. I don't remember what rank you were at the time though.

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2 hours ago, Mord said:


Me, fixer, and scorch chilling on our photo platform

In this photo in the front row to the right, you can see a shadow trooper with their hands behind their head. That is me. Your shadow guard commander was Apollo in those ohotos.

Edited by Ramirez
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