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I have returned, my children.

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Well, I've been back for a bit now, but I thought I'd might as well make my presence known if I haven't already.

Some people may remember me as being one of the older IG members, maybe not as old as some others, but old nonetheless.
I joined around mid-late 2017 if I can remember, maybe earlier, maybe later, but IG was around for a good amount of months before I joined.
I made my mark in IC, when Fox was the CO, later Gamma, then Fox again. This regiment was where I was PK'd over 6 times in one week, for a fun little fact about me, which was interesting to say the least.
I spent some time in IC, earned a place in Event Masters, before inevitably becoming inactive due to my belief that I wasn't good enough for EM and being pushed away from IG because of my own self doubt. Before returning to IG only to be demoted in IC from Warrant Officer, and later leaving.
I drifted for a little while in STs until I found a place in 442nd, back when Volt was the CO, this is where I spent a good while with good people and slowly earning my rank to Captain, before being kicked. 
This is when I joined Engineers, where I enjoyed my stay for a little while until I inevitably left for another server.
Fast forward a couple months and I've completely gone cold turkey on SWRP and playing on my PC in general. Fast forward another couple months and I return to Gmod to make my return, like Jesus returning to his people.

This is where I am now.
I'm a Master Chief in the Navy and I quite enjoy myself there, I've seen some familiar faces and think I've acquainted myself with the new people and new scenery.
I hope to meet new people and enjoy new experiences, and I hope that everyone finds my return a pleasant sight and find me a nice person to talk to.

Until we meet, yours truly
Jesus "Sloth" Christ.

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1 hour ago, Wombatiacus said:

Hey Sloth! I remember you but you probably don't remember me :P. Welcome back! and I hope you enjoy your stay!

@Wombatiacus how couldn't I forget you wombat? glad to see you're still alive and kicking in the community :)

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome back!

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