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A long while coming


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Hello everybody.

For those that don't know me as Ghost4448, you most likely know me as Arcturusious

My current role is Lieutenant Colonel of Storm Commandos, you've likely seen me around.


Just a quick bit of info about me.

I'm 21, and I work as a Sheetmetal Fabricator for a living. All my spare time is spend on StarWarsRP.

I love gaming, and recently fell in love with StarWarsRP. Though before StarWarsRP I had around 500 hours of experience in other various Gmod RP's.

I joined the server for the first time in mid July 2018. After playing on the server for about a week, serving loyally as a Stormtrooper, I found the regiment I wanted to join.

I idolized Storm Commandos after I saw the role that they had on the server, and eventually secured myself a spot in the regiment after getting the attention of the At-The-Time-CO Arkan.

Ever since, I have served loyally to the Storm Commandos, Lord Vader, and the Imperial Army, working my hardest to improve my skills and assist everybody I could with whatever they needed. By doing so, I got promoted to Commanding Officer of the Storm Commandos when Arkan resigned.


At the present time, I remain a Colonel in the Storm Commandos, acting as the leading figure within the 501st besides Lord Vader, and doing all Administrative work for the 501st too.

I'd like to throw out a few special mentions to people I've met so far.

@Pavonis I served mostly under you while in the Stormtroopers, you were both a hilarious yet serious person to serve under, and it was a pleasure. You made my first week a very enjoyable one.

@SoliD @Theo and @Auzii for the warm welcome in to Storm Commandos when I joined

@Tinky for essentially non-stop laughs while you were in Sith. You made guarding the Sith Temple well worth it

@Rickle for being one of the best attachments to the 501st I've seen. Also an awesome Moderator

@zaspan for giving me a home in the 501st Legion, and being a great leader

@Brass for being a good friend, always there for me when I need someone to talk to

And lastly @Uncle_BobbyB for being a genuinely great bloke to chat to.


This server has essentially become my new home and that happened because everybody here in this community are great people. I'll continue supporting the server to the best of my ability.


If anybody sees me around the server, feel free to say hi, I'll be sure to do the same. And if you'd like to know anything about me, just ask. Glad to be here :)

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