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DS-01 - A Night of Pure Passion

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Tonight myself and some others (Sudo, Helsing, Iris, Emerald and some others) went onto Undead Servers (The Server that has the exclusivity for the Death Star map) and they gave us a tour and showed us all the things that the map can do, it was an absolutely amazing time and the map is a 10/10, the passive sounds are on-point and there is something for everyone, including but not limited to TIE hooks which our TIE's can actually latch on to, a working Turbo Laser Grid, a working Hyperspace system that changes times depending on the amount of time you spend jumping to Hyperspace and even the big damn cannon that blows up planets.

Here are some pictures from the time, they're a bit messed up, but they give a cool look at the map. I'd advise looking at them if you want to see.


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Can't wait to run into restricted areas to explore, its always funnier when the red bois are on your tail.

heck I'll have to reinstall gmod again to checkout this map

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Can't wait to have more area access than most generals and sith


Lol joking 

Or am I?

Also a lot of things are gonna die 

Planets, enemy ships and my frame rate


I will be the world's most deadliest engineer 

After Galen,


Rad cop 



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