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JD Pac 3 Tier 1 application


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Steam Details

Steam Name: [IG]hyjackingjohny

Steam ID:76561198119519615

Steam Profile link:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198119519615/

In Game Details

In Game Name:JD

In Game Rank: warrant officer ll

In Game Regiment:Vader's fist

Time Played (Server Time/ Must Provide Screenshot evidence):  I currently have 1w 6d and 7h 20181110160940_1.jpg.5f71aac69a6f066f6f8905d07e24f72b.jpg


PAC3 Questions

Have you used PAC Before: I have only used it in single player but not on a server

Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I should be trusted because I have never been warned on this sever and I don't break any rules I am smart and dedicated trooper. I respect all of my fellow troopers and staff. when I get the chance I will always be up for roleplay and with this privilege of Pac 3 I solemnly swear that I will never abuse it and I will not make something that is disrespectful and stupid in anyway. 

Why do you want access to PAC (1 Paragraph): I would like to have access because at the moment no one in my regiment has Pac and with this opportunity. I would make my regiment stand out from the crowd and make Vader's Fist a shining regiment this also will make me personally stand out and with that no one would think twice about messing with Vader's Fist and Vader. if I was to be in a role play situation such as an event I could being a extra level of immersion to the situation or event and with having Pac it can further my understanding about Pac so in the near future I can improve on it constantly.

Why do you believe you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): I think that with Pac I can further my understanding about Pac I would also keep everything about my Pac in character and lore friendly and with saying that I am the loyal the server and the imperial gaming as a hole. I am also very active around the ship. secondly I believe that semi capable of using Pac and I can all ways improve. 

PAC3 Examples: I plan to take some thing off and put new thing on in the future 


just so little updates to my pac it is not that much but I will keep at it 








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The only time i have seen you on is when i did your first SGT test a while ago so

- Work on activity i get it depends on how busy you are IRL

- I wanna have a chat with you and other people want to talk to come and talk

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On ‎9‎/‎23‎/‎2018 at 11:12 AM, Snoozy said:

-Lots of spelling mistakes

-Very basic Pac3 examples

-Kinda active

-Answers are confusing to read as their is no punctuation 

Hi snoozy if you could can you please point out my spelling mistakes that would be a big help only if you want to :]

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On 9/23/2018 at 9:56 AM, Fox said:


You are kind of active, the pacs displayed are not aethstecally pleasing and are cluttered and messy.


-1 like fox said pacs are extremely basic even for pac tier 1 and wouldnt add much immersion like you mentioned above. Ill happily change if some more detailed pacs are put up.

Good luck!

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10 hours ago, Ruiner said:

Hi snoozy if you could can you please point out my spelling mistakes that would be a big help only if you want to :]

Well for starters your second paragraph is only one big sentence  

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12 hours ago, Snoozy said:

Well for starters your second paragraph is one big sentence  

-1 your visor really triggers me that it’s 1 prop with no pleasing texture, your hologram has its arms out like a bird and your antenna is a weird prop. Very Basic


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You need to elaborate more in your answers and make sure your responses outline the reasons why you should be trusted, remember PAC is for the servers benefit not just your own.

Also, your PAC's are quite basic and need more refinement.

If you can improve on the above mentioned things I'd be more than happy to change my response.

Good Luck!

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