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Should we bring Rishi back


Should be bring rishi bacm  

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  1. 1. Back to rishi

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3 minutes ago, [IG] Tackxo said:


Rishi, in its current state, is an unoptimised piece of trash. As fun as the map is, people get like 10 FPS in some areas, even when no event characters or anything is happening.


Yep. And we have a new star destroyer map coming too. There is ZERO need for rishi.

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57 minutes ago, charles said:

Do we need rishi back

Hi, Mr Dev man here,

What others have said is correct. All versions of Rishi are unusable due to poor construction, and are more likely to crash the server. I might consider +1ing this if the map was redesigned form the ground up, both for RPand optimisation, but in its current state it is just not feasible.



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8 minutes ago, pinejack said:

Did you even read the other posts on this thread? Rishi is currently a giant steaming pile of shit and ruins FPS, even if it is a nice map.

Agreed. I think that with the Death Star map coming soon this map won't be needed.

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