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Imperial Gaming | Community Forum Rules (Updated 19/09/2018)

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Rules will be updated as they are reviewed regularly - Last Updated 19/09/2018

General Rules:

  • Be respectful to everybody in the community

  • Do not harass, assault or bully anybody in the community

  • Racism is not tolerated

  • Do not impersonate any member or staff of the community

  • Do not DOX members or staff of the community (Releasing private information such as IRL names, addresses, phone numbers, pictures, IP addresses, etc.)

  • Advertising is strictly forbidden

  • Creating or using alternate forums accounts is forbidden

Post Rules:

  • Create posts/threads in their appropriate sections

  • Users may not post or create threads on ban appeals

  • Do not create inappropriate posts/threads/signatures (No pornography, racism, etc)

  • Do not shitpost (Creating a post that has no meaning or benefit just to get your post count up)

  • Do not create posts one after the other within the same thread (Use the edit option)

  • Do not post links to external websites that contain malware, pornography, etc)

  • Be considerate when replying to people applications

  • You may only bump your applications 7 days from the last post.

  • You may not “necro” a post that has not had any activity for over 2 months.

Application Rules:

  • Advertisement of Staff or EM or PAC3 applications is forbidden

  • You are not allowed to have 2 staff applications up at any one time (Trial Moderator Application if you have an Event Master application already up and vice versa)

  • Only the applicant can bump their application in accordance with bump rules

Ban Appeal Rules

  • Only staff members are to comment on ban appeals

Application Policy:


Trial Moderator Applications:

  • Advertising applications is forbidden


Trial Event Master Applications:

  • Advertising applications is forbidden


PAC3 Applications:

  • Advertising applications is forbidden

Application Policy:


Tier 1:


Tier 2:






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