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Tips on how to write an EM application

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Tutorial on how to write an Event Master Application.

I hope this can help those who seek a role in the EM staff group.

When answering the 1 answer question, you do not need to extend or enhance it. Such as saying your age but you add that you will be turn 15 on Tuesday.

Q1 Asks you why are you applying?

Structure your answer. Have a 3-5 good dot points. This is basically means you are implying that you are creative. Remember to always refer back to the question or always have the answer related back to the question. Don’t elaborate on something that could be said in a sentence with like 4 long sentences that nobody cares about.

Example- I like the server. This server has a good blah blah blah. That is a weak point.

You can answer in dot points to make it simple with a 2 sentence explanation. Do not say stuff you can not stand for. Everything you say will represent you so don’t say stuff too personal.

Q2 How will allowing you to be apart of our staff team help us?

That question is basically asking what can you provide to the server to improves the staff team and the server. Again, 3-5 good points is perfect. And again, not too long or too short. Always have your answers related to the questions, do not say something that doesn’t relate. That’s what Q6 is asking for.

You can say that you either dislike things about the staff currently or how you can improve it.

Example- I hate the events, they are all boring blah blah blah

Q3 & Q4. This can easily be answered with a NO. If your answer is a yes, don’t make it too long.

Q5. This question is somewhat similar to Q2, so I don’t blame you if you repeat what you said twice. The question asks you for the thrill or enjoyment you can provide in an event. 3 good points is perfect. Do not say stuff that is already implemented.

Example - I will make Sith fight Jedi.

Q5 is where people can see your creativity levels. When answering these questions, you can refer if you’ve used this idea before and it was entertaining.

Q6. Say whatever you like, but don’t say something too irrelevant.


This is where the creativity is shown. Now, before you read on, read this. Events that are generic are not bad if they have a different plot line.


Key components go all the way back to Primary school.

Who, Why and where.

Who - Your event characters, always provide important details about the characters, like their name.

Why - Why are the rebels attacking, why did they invade a base with like 10 Sith. Be logical and realistic.

Where - Map

The Plot line.

The plot line must be thrilling and kick ass. Make it something that would happen in the actual star wars series by providing logic. Using rebels is pretty cliche, it’s kinda over used so give good reasons why you used them. Using multiple Jedi is stupid. I prefer all EM’s to have a limit 4 not lore friendly Jedi and they can never be killed off. I don’t like see multiple Jedi being made and they are instantly killed off.

Plot twists are amazing. Have a good plot twists and you will do well.

By using these techniques you can begin your layout. A good beginning/middle/end would be great for events.
If you read these tutorials and use them correctly, I will give a Life Response. Good luck.

Anyone who needs extra help to write an app, msg me on the forums or poke me in ts. I don't mind helping anyone.


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