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Peguin's Goodbye


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You were a good event master, even though the other EM's kicked you out of their events  : ) 

*sigh* I remember when you and marlin would abuse each other at every turn..

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It's sad to see you go you are probably the closest friend I have on the server and one of the people I've known the longest for. You are a great person who is caring and is always one to make me laugh I hope you have fun wherever you are headed as I know you won't be forgotten here.
I and everyone else will miss you.

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Well as the old saying goes: All good things must come to an end....

In any case good luck with what ever life throws your way, you've been a great person to hang around with, aside from the times when you:

  • Threw me around the ship
  • Got me stuck in people
  • Got me stuck in the walls of the ship
  • Shot me with the DC-15S Universal
  • Threw me off the ship
  • Sliced me in half
  • Crashed into me with a star fighter 
  • Drove me insane trying to understand you
  • Having to constantly give you advice or keep asking me about PAC details/ideas 
  • Having to deal with your character having a emotional/psychotic breakdown
  • TP'ing me around the ship
  • Destroying the ships I fly
  • Left VF Commander leaving me in charge with Arkan
  • Keep bugging me to come onto TS3 even though it crashes my internet......

I could keep going but i'd run out of forum space so yeah......

All jokes aside Good luck, hope things go good for you.

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We may not have known each other and talked as much on the server, but I have seen you around here and there on the server doing your upmost best to pleases everyone on the server. I can respect that, I myself am trying to make friends with everyone and trying to please everyone in events by comms'ing in to be apart of the community and get an upper hand on the server (recognition). 

I know its a little late and to far gone farewell my friend, you'll be missed. 

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Glad I was able to have such an influence and introduce you to a great community that really appreciates you back. You were always a blast and a great friend to have conversations with. I hope all goes the best for you in the future

Always hoping for the best!

~ Vort

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