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ImperialRP | New Ship in Progress

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Hi All,

For those that don't know we have a few new things currently in the pipeline for the server from a content perspective and I thought today I would fill you in on one currently in development. This item has been commissioned by the community to give us a different option in vehicles as well as something more lore friendly.


The Patrol Transport

Wookiepedia: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Patrol_transport

We have asked for this to fit 8 people in the back as well as having a Pilot and a Gunner seat in the cockpit. At this stage, we have asked for the pilot to fly the ship and operate the searchlight, whereas the gunner will operate the Turret Laser Cannons and Missle Launchers. This will allow 2 pilots to occupy one ship in an event and add a degree of difficulity for the pilots to overcome and work together.

Please find below some pictures of the progress so far.




We are expecting at this stage for it to be delivered in 1.5 Months but that is subject to change. All Images and items are the property of Imperial Gaming & KingPommes and are not to be copied at any stage without approval from the management team.

Any updates as they come will be posted here.

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Will this entirely replace the current dropship or will it be an alternative? Looks awesome btw, so excited!

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Looks to be a patrol ship / alternative to the dropship when on planet, not when leaving the Star Destroyer though.

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This looks amazing and would definitely be more fun to fly with the added challenge. I was only talking about how it would be cool to have a ship with a pilot and a gunner a bit over a week ago.

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@Cryo Ships are not cheap to get made like models. If there was an added benefit to the Tie Inquisitor then we would look at it. But at this stage, we have a lot of other things sitting as a higher priority.

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