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Nyx Pac Application Tier 1

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Steam name: [IG] Akumara

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:29148742

Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/The_Better_Akumara/

In Game Name: Nyx

In Game Rank: Major

In Game Regiment: 996

Time Played: 1 Week 3 Days 23 Hours and 40 Minutes1023113225_TimeOnServer.png.d2da14c6bee8c091cccdbf7ebb0c5959.png

Have you used PAC before: I've started using pac since friends have recently started teaching me.

Why should you be trusted with pac: I believe I am responsible player on the server, I have never been arrested I have no warns or bans. I respect the players and staff around me and try to help others if I can, my regiment all respect and like me as we get along very well. I also have responsible people teaching me pac who I would hate to let down let alone people on the server I look up to such as my commanding officer Hammer and the Grand General Wolf.

Why do you want access to Pac: I would like to have access to Pac so I could differentiate myself from others not only in the server but with in my regiment, it would help me stand out to my lower ranking troopers if I had defining details they could pick me out with. I also am personally a female and would love to be able to openly reflect that on the server. IG is currently the only GMOD Roleplay server I play on and is the only community I am part of and I believe I wont be changing that and so I would like to go further into depths with the server for roleplay purposes and my own interests as I am very invested into the community with the people I have met and the Regiment I am in. Pac would mena I could spend more time trying to Improve roleplay not only for myself but also the people around me.

Why do you believe you deserve Pac: I believe I deserve Pac as I have been an active loyal member to the server (I only play on IG). I believe I deserve it because I know I will be responsible with it I will always stay in the guidelines given and if told something is not allowed I will remove it immediately without complaining or arguing. I will also be always aiming for my pacs to bring more realism to myself and also to the others around me in 996 and for the server as a whole. I would like to improve my characters depths visually to bring a more realistic feel to improve on the RP (Realism) that people play on the server for and I believe Pac will be able to help me achieve that goal espically with everyday I am learning more and more about pac to bring better creations to the table.


~PAC3 Examples~

This is the 996 Model I use in game but it has been shrunk in height and certain areas have been thinned/brought out to give a more feminine appearance. There is a proper female model to the left and the normal 996 model to my right.



This is the 996 model with it's head replaced to be a female with no helmet.


Here is a weapon holster for Westar if I pull the weapon out in game it will disappear from my back.



A very small knife holster on my belt.


Stunstick on belt that will disappear when I pull out the Stunstick.



Some simple purple shoulder pieces.


A Basic hologram to the Grand General that show's up when I'm typing.


I attempted a basic passive arm animation.



And just for funsies the first time I ever touched pac by myself. -This is not a serious one obviously-



Ps thanks guys for your wonderful photo bombing ;P
@Wolf @Brass @Hammer

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11 hours ago, Emerald said:


I've seen Nyx practising PAC3 and believe that you have picked up some skills quite quickly.

What Em said, however, how do you have PAC on the server if you are applying for tier 1? @Nyx



P.S I hope my PAC helped you

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4 hours ago, Peguin said:

What Em said, however, how do you have PAC on the server if you are applying for tier 1? @Nyx



P.S I hope my PAC helped you

As I was being taught by hammer and Wolf and there were some extra bones on the server during time when there were under 20 people on Wolf would briefly give me pac to learn and mess with.
It was great thank you <3

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