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Pablos Junior Development Application

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Name In-game: Iden Versio

Teamspeak Name: Pablo

Playtime on the server: 4w 4d, had 6 before server wipe.

Age: 19

Programming languages you know (etc. LUA, CPP, C#, PYTHON - MUST KNOW ONE LANGUAGE): Python, a bit of javascript and a few in between languages more 

What type of content do you want to create for our server?

Any content that is needed, I am very flexible whether it being getting models for the server or coming up with scripts that are needed I should be able to solve any problem given to me.

Have you made any other scripts or content I should know about?

I have made a google script (like java script) that run on google sheets to allow for inactivity status as well as ripped models for the server from games and have edited models for the server before. I have also been playing around trying to come up with a simple solution to body groups as well as amass sound clips from star wars games to be implemented for better rp in game.



If you are a Developer for Imperial Gaming any and all content you make that goes on our server is exclusive to Imperial Gaming. If you are caught re-distributing this content to our competitors you will be barred from developing for us and COMMUNITY BANNED as a result. Your Steam ID and profile will also be blasted on forums like Facepunch as a ‘Server Content Leaker’. So before sending something make sure you check with the Head of Development first. These terms are at the discretion of the Head of Development and is a blanket statement for redistribution of Imperial Gaming’s content.

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