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Welshy's Graphic Designer Application

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Name In-game: Major General Veers

Teamspeak Name: Welshy

Playtime on the server: Over 6 weeks from time included before reset. It is currently [ 1 Week, 6 days, 7 hours ]

Age: 18

Do you own the Adobe suite (etc. you have - Photoshop, Illustrator) and which ones are they:

I have access to the Adobe suite. (I have used Photoshop and Illustrator to complete designs previously.)

If you don't own the Adobe suite, what programs do you have (Don't say MS Paint you will be denied):

I also own a program called Paintshop Pro X8.

Do you prefer making digital art or do you prefer to do freeform?

Digital Art is where I am at, I prefer to do Digital Art as I am extremely rusty at freeform.

Show me some work you have made previously otherwise make 2 icons that represent an Admin and another Icon representing a User. Icons must be 256 x 256 and in PNG form with a transparent background (Upload directly to the forums):


Altered                                                                                                Original

Thumbnail with altering the light and colours, changing the entire lighting effect.
(Idea is below on the ground is dark full of terror and destruction, the sky has light shining in as an example of hope is there above the darkness, hope wins.)

[Photoshop - Lighting alteration and title implemented]


Youtube Logo [Illustrator - Freefrom]


Simple 5 minute photoshop example [Photoshop - Basic skill]



User                                                                                                 Admin

Simple 10 minute Illustrator and Photoshop example [Illustrator and Photoshop - Client Icons]




If you are a Designer for Imperial Gaming any and all content you make that goes on our server is exclusive to Imperial Gaming. If you are caught re-distributing this content to our competitors you will be barred from designing for us and COMMUNITY BANNED as a result. Your Steam ID and profile will also be blasted on forums like Facepunch as a ‘Server Content Leaker’. So before sending something make sure you check with the Head of Development first. These terms are at the discretion of the Head of Development and is a blanket statement for redistribution of Imperial Gaming’s content.

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