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Brass' late-ass Introduction

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This is WAY overdue. :P

Well anyways. Hi! I'm Brass, I'm 15 years old and currently the Chief of Staff of Regional Government *insert cheeky advertisement here*

I joined the server recently, just on the 6th of May. I was trained by @Shader who said I was one of the best recruits he's ever trained. The first regiment I joined was Storm Commandos which was commanded by Eclipse, who left about 1 week in due to inactivity. I then spent the next 2 months with an amazing group of guys in SC. (Including, @SoliD, @Auzii, @Ghost4448, Theo, Renolds and many others.

I reached the rank of 2nd Lt. within SC before applying for the position of Chief of Staff. After a few interviews and tests, I was taken in as the Chief of Staff on the 18th of August and I've been writing reports, recruiting secretaries, and fixing spreadsheets ever since.

There's not much else. I'm a boring guy :$

If you ever wanna talk about anything or play anything, msg me boi.


Special Mentions

@Nyx, @Hammer - Amazing friends, always there to listen to my late-night rants.

@Wolf - Listens to my rants and bans me to make me do my school assignments. (IG > SCHOOL)

@Rickle - Amazing friend, always there to give me advice and listen to my rants. ♥

@Emerald - Always up to talk or play, and just generally an amazing friend.

@Peguin - One of the best friends I've ever made online, always there for me when I need somebody to talk to.

@Basil - Great life advice for $12.50 a session.

@Chopz - For being a great Grand Moff

And everybody else. You're all amazing people and you all always make my day when I come online and roleplay with you all.

I love Imperial Gaming so much, thank you all for the great times so far and all to come. ♥♥ 


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