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My Apology To IG.


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Dear IG Community and Wolf, I am writing this apology, in hoping that you understand that at the time of the ban, I was very immature, and had a lack of knowledge on the situation. I should not have said what I said to Wolf, this was very disrespectful and looking back at it, if I was in his position I would not have liked someone saying this to me. over the many months that have passed I have grown as a person and have realized that my actions do have a massive effect on others. Once again sorry to not only the IG Community, as this is not the behavior that a member of this community should have, but mainly I am sorry to Wolf.
I will next time before commenting on situations make sure that I am more informed, and that if what I'm going to say is going to be hurtful, its probably best I don't say it at all.
PS I hope everyone understands, I wan't to come back to enjoy this great server and become apart of this spectacular community.
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