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Hey guys, I was just wondering if you guys like the new menu I'm making - Basically, I just want some community input regarding the Layout and Additions to the menu. I was thinking of making the following additions to our new menu.

  1. Custom Titles in your clearance cards in addition to your pilot license you can also get a custom group added for example - [TI] (Tarkins Initiative) and [Head of Engineering] for example. These titles would not be earned lightly and usually would only be held by one person on the ship.
    1. I am also looking at the ability to make this modular so you can make new Titles in the game and set a custom color for your text etc.
  2. If you have any suggestions for new additions/modules to be added to the menu please suggest them below.

I would also like any input on the Layout of the menu as I want to make this menu as modular and fluid as possible. The idea is that I will just drag and drop an addon into this and do a little bit of extra backend to create the look for that module. If you think there is a better layout please let me know and if you think I could include more on the screen by scaling things down then let me know.

Users and Staff will have different layouts obviously, with modules added to their list based on their usergroup.


This is a mockup of my idea of what it might look like, Obviously, there could be a lot more done. Personally, I hate posting screenshots of work that hasn't been released yet as people like to take our ideas and claim them as their own. But I really wanted community input before undertaking a project like this to make probably the last menu layout we are going to use and stick with for the remainder of Imperial Gaming.



Thanks for your continuing support from the Development Team.

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Well, we already have all of that stuff in-game I just like having everything under the one roof so it can talk to each other easier and makes it easier than having to remember the !plicense or !aos command.

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2 minutes ago, Martibo said:

Well, we already have all of that stuff in-game I just like having everything under the one roof so it can talk to each other easier and makes it easier than having to remember the !plicense or !aos command.

Thats what i ment,  and if you dont mind me saying that looks Mint on those screen shots of the menu

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I like the whole system Martibo, it looks very cool. I think the main menu should be something anybody can see regardless of rank and fill it with useful things like our current F2 Menu has, some ideas are.

  • Forums
  • Rules
  • Teamspeak3
  • Donation Link
  • Database Link (The one with all the ranks, their equivalents and their pins)
  • Something else so you can do 2x3, 3 on top and 3 on bottom.

The rest of it seems very interesting, I like the idea of a promotion/demotion and a regiment set screen, I think the idea of an "invite" system that the Commander of each regiment could use is interesting, where you could select someone and then a menu would come up, to improve the smoothness of swapping regiments, however, this would probably have to come with an "Auto-demotion" system where you go down two ranks in order to make sure Commander's remember to do that.

Pilot license board makes sense and would be good for pilots to set Pilot Licenses with.

AOS Player board is a good idea, I would just make it so you can search for names, in order to speed up the process of placing an AOS on someone.

No clue what the Event Board would have, but, I like that, maybe connect it to the Trello and show upcoming events for the day? Show when times are booked in, what the events going to be about somewhat, or just have useful tools and commands for Event Masters in there.

Some additional ideas, a board that shows bookings, and/or future bookings (to show who's in line for where).

If second characters are ever implemented, a board to swap between your characters, sort of like, two sides to it, the model pops up, shows your rank and regiment as well, whenever you hover over it, it highlights a little bit.


Outside of that, the only negative I have is that it looks way too much like the DarkRP art style, I'd definitely try and change up that font if you can, maybe add some aurebesh (Star Wars font) in places in order for people to be able to sub-consciously differentiate between a DarkRP menu and our one.

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Instead of a link to the Cl Spreadsheet, perhaps you could just add like either what you did for the Arma 3 spreadsheet on the forums or like put your own thing in to show the ranks and Clearance.


Also, is it possible to REPLACE the MOTD with this menu? Because you could have the Menu as the Landing page for loading into the server.

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looks very Darkrp and not much starwars, idk about that font aswell.
other then that looks alright.

also having like the f3 menu and stuff in here aswell and a more indepth player tab that shows you peoples Utime and steam link.

and please make the text color on the promote/demote buttons white or black or unique like IG blue, idk would just make it flow better on the eyes.

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