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Over the next couple of weeks myself and the rest of the media team will be working on our project, IG Wipe-out. We held some interviews today which turned out to be very successful. Due to the sheer amount of people that showed up we will be running another batch of interviews tomorrow (11/09/2018) at 6pm AEST. Those who make it through the interview phase will be announced here, along with any other updates. But none the less, best of luck to all that that participated.

- The Media team.

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Hi All,

So today myself and the other media team members did pre sign up interviews for the ig wipeout course / video the media team will be making over the next week or two, tomorrow 6pm AEST there will be another set of interviews for people that missed out today. From all the interviews we will pick of number of people to be featured in the video and have a chance to win the prize of 3000 credits [better then nothing]. We have almost finished building the wipeout course, and everyone that gets accepted will know days in advance the exact date and time this competition will be held at, so hopefully we can get all the competitors there at the day. There will be regular posts on the forums regarding this to keep everyone up to date.


Rickle. :)

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