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Joel's Trial Moderator Application

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Intro: Hi I am joel for those of you that don’t know me I am a part of the 212th regiment and have been on the server since December 2017 and have been in RST, Inquisitors and finally 212th. I have ma

+1 Reasons stated above.

+1 Good guy

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  • You have been away and prior to that i did not interact with you much in-game and as a result do not yet have a clear picture as to the kind of person you are or whether i see you as Moderator potential, i will be sure to keep an eye out for you now that you are back and will update my response as such





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Although you have much positive support from the community, staff have raised issues as to your activity on the server.

Please focus on improving this issue and you may reapply in 3 Weeks.

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