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Hello, nice to meet you all, I'm {W} 1312 - 'Acab' in-game. IRL name is [REDACTED] and I'm a sweet innocent boy.

Still pretty new to the server but hustling hard, so keep an eye out for me. Into that big RP so catch me being THICC serious a large majority of the time.
I'm a pretty good Climb SWEP user and on-the-spot RPer, if I do say so myself - not that anyone asked - so if you want some tips, I'd humbly offer them. On top of that I have about 1800+ hrs in SWRP across both Clone Wars and Imperial gamemodes, so I know what's up.

In my spare time on GMod, I make cinematic screenshots (like the one in my signature), open to requests if I like you I guess lol.

This community seems pretty good, and at least on the surface, not super gross and full of shitty people (politically and attitude-wise) so I hope to stick around for a decent while.

Anyway, I look forward to playing/RPing with you all.
xoxo, Acab

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