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DEVELOPMENT - Changelog - 31/08/2018

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Late Development Update:

The Development team is currently looking to bring on more developers, we're restructuring our dev team and the way we do things so we're more professional if you think you are up for shoot me a pm or submit an application.

Added Content

  • F2 Menu
    • The ability for users to access home portion of the menu with access to some links
  • Pointshop
    • Donator items have been added onto the Pointshop
  • Pilot license Menu
    • Pilot license Menu has been added
      • Players can be assigned pilot licenses which show up on their keycards
      • Players can be assigned multiple pilot licenses
  • Commands
    • /hidden
      • Available for staff and event characters
      • image.png.d1728d8466d46bff6fa248b556cf226c.png
    • /roll and /bigroll
      • Players can now roll in-game
      • image.png.0fcb2e367e7402e5f07bd87f18cebe86.png

Updated Content

  • Minor updates to miscellaneous add-ons 

Bugs Fixed

  • PermaProps - Fixed an exploit that could lag the server

Upcoming Content

  • Booking system
    • 3D2D Billboards that show all Bookings
    • /rbook <eg. mh1>  (puts in queue to request to book mh1)
  • Remaking the AOS Menu/backend
  • Making a brand new F2 Menu look
    • I'll be posting screenshots of this as I develop it
    • 3q2zgJA.jpg

Special Mentions

@Moose - Always here to help fix/solve issues we have and for his continuing support with the development of the server.

The Development team for helping make some of these things happen.

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