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Building Lessons

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Hello everyone.


I have made this post for a very specific reason as I am going to be giving public building lessons for everyone (SGT+ Only Because of rules :(  ). These lessons will be held on Saturday and Sunday unless i am away for whatever reason. The times on these days will usually be in the afternoon between 2:00 and 5:00 if you are interested just watch comms messages and you will know when and where to go. 

I made this post aswell as I saw many people not knowing how to build using precision alignment etc

Now i can also hold private building lessons if you private message me by doing !p Crunchy Hey, I would like a private building lesson. 

Before i close this off you will need to use team speak for this as it will be a easier way to communicate for everyone you will also be joining one of the lounges when the training starts.

Thank you for reading hopefully i get to teach you soon. :) 


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15 hours ago, Rickle said:

Sounds like a good idea Crunchy :)


14 hours ago, Planz said:

Yeah right, nice idea crunchy might attend some of your classes to touch up my building skills


14 hours ago, Anthony said:



9 hours ago, Butcher232 said:

More people knowing how to use precision alignment? Whiteys gonna get replaced soon lol.
#precisionalignmentsquad anyone?


6 hours ago, Eulysses said:

Sounds like good fun!


3 hours ago, Morgan said:




3 hours ago, Helsing said:

teach me daddy, i would like to in the #precisionalignmentsquad

Thankyou guys for the responses you guys really are comforting me because first I thought this was a dumb idea but I guess it isnt

and yes there will be cookies involved

5 minutes ago, S4Spooky said:

I'll come if there's cookies involved.


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